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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Do you Really need a Criminal Lawyer?

Our firm receives numerous calls from potential clients every day seeking advice on how to handle a legal situation. On many occasions, the potential clients retain our services and become actual clients. Some of the callers seek counsel elsewhere because they do not like our assessment of their legal situation. Unfortunately, there is a small percentage of callers who contact our firm with the specific purpose of obtaining information from a lawyer in an effort to handle their own legal matter without a lawyer.

These callers are simply unwilling to listen to any advice or follow the direction of any lawyer and simply think they can handle their legal matter alone. This is not advisable. Legal matters are inherently complex. Whether you are facing a preliminary hearing, an interview with police or are the target of a federal grand jury investigation, you need an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer to explain all of the potential penalties, outcomes and fines that may accompany these situations.

Do yourself a favor: When faced with a potential criminal matter, contact a Criminal Lawyer with the experience to advise you of your options and listen to the advice given.

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