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Friday, January 31, 2014

Heroin Happy Meal Deals in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A Pittsburgh woman faces criminal charges for drug possession and possessionwith intent to deliver when local authorities busted her apparent heroin drug operation at the least likely location: a McDonalds drive thru window.

 According to the AP:

 A McDonald's employee has been jailed on charges she sold heroin hidden in Happy Meals to drive-thru customers who uttered the code words, "I'd like to order a toy," but investigators have no reason to believe the store's owner was aware of it, or of another employee charged with selling heroin near another restaurant . . .

. . . Using information from a tip to a district attorney's drug task force, an informant accompanied by a police officer called the Defendant on Wednesday, then pulled into the drive-thru and ordered the toy. They paid the Defendant $82 for the $2 meal which also contained 10 stamp bags — or individual doses — of heroin, according to a criminal complaint.

Other officers then moved in and found the money used to buy the drugs, plus another $80 and a small amount of marijuana stored in Defendant’s bra, the complaint said. Police said they later found another 50 stamp bags of heroin in her purse.

The Defendant faces maximum penalties and fines in Pennsylvania and may even face potential mandatory sentencing depending on the weight of the drugs. At the time of this posting, no criminal defense attorney was listed as counsel of record for the Defendant.


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