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Friday, December 18, 2009

How to Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney - Tip #3

Are you able to reach your potential attorney?

Ask around.

Do you know what the number one (#1) gripe clients have about their attorney? Yep. You guessed it: "My attorney didn't return my call(s)!"

When searching for a Criminal Defense attorney, if the potential attorney fails to return your calls while you are searching for an attorney, what makes you think they will return your calls once you hire them?

Now granted, we are not going to sit on the phone for hours and give you Free Advice while you "search for an attorney". But your potential attorney should return your calls within a reasonable time to answer your questions about why they are the right candidate to represent your interest.

So if you are calling around looking for a Criminal Defense Attorney, make sure you are comfortable with the ability to contact your attorney if needed to answer simple questions. If not, the attorney client relationship could be strained throughout the entire process.

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