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Friday, November 22, 2013

Jury returns $28 million verdict in drunken crash after West Mifflin Elks Lodge event

Informative article about the dangers of a DUI offense and how one can be held liable for the injuries caused to another as a result of DUI. Additionally, the article touches on how establishments that serve alcohol to visibly intoxicated patrons can be held civilly liable for the injuries caused to another as a result of that patron driving under the influence after leaving a particular Bar.
Here, a jury in Allegheny County Pennsylvania awarded a verdict of $28 million dollars to the Plaintiffs as a result of a fatal crash in West Mifflin Pennsylvania involving a Defendant who left an establishment after being so intoxicated that his blood alcohol was more than twice the legal limit.
The Jury Verdict sends a strong and clear message to citizens of Pennsylvania: Do not drink and drive and do not aide others in drunk driving by serving alcohol to visibly intoxicated persons. If make the poor choice of driving under the influence, you will be arrested and ace stiff penalties. If you or your employees continue to serve alcohol to visibly intoxicated patrons, you could be held liable for their actions if they cause injuries to another after leaving your place of business.

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