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Friday, January 25, 2013

Charged with Conspiracy in Pennsylvania

Conspiracy is a vague but far reaching crime. Many view a conspiracy crime as actively planning a bank robbery or driving a get away car after a robbery. In most cases, these examples are accurate. However, what most citizens do not realize is that conspiracy can be charged in instances where the person is not even present at the scene of the crime but agreed to commit the crime at an earlier point and made acts towards the completion of the crime even if not present at the scene of the actual crime. For example: Arranging drug transactions by phone, paying another person to commit an assault or assisting a person in committing a burglary by luring the home owners away to another location under false pretenses.
The important distinction that must be made in every conspiracy case is the identification of an agreement, whether actual or implied by actions. Often, police officers and detectives will threaten to charge everyone present at the scene of a crime with conspiracy in an attempt to scare someone into testifying against another. However, Pennsylvania law is clear: Presence at the scene of a crime, standing alone, is not evidence of conspiracy.
Thus, if you or anyone you know has been charged with or is threatening to be charged with conspiracy, stand firm on your rights: Remain silent and contact Attorney Frank Walker for a free case review.  

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