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Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July DUI Checkpoint Stop - Drug Dogs, Vehicle Search, Officer Questioning

DUI Checkpoints are commonplace around holidays, particularly summer holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day and Independence Day (4th of July). Officers know seem to use the stops to crack down on drunk driving, driving under the influence, underage drinking, traffic offenses, public intoxication, fake id and other criminal charges.
This past 4th of July weekend, a youtube video began circulating showing a young man going through a DUI Checkpoint. Once the video hit youtube, well, you know what happened: It went viral.

The video shows the young man entering the checkpoint, the encounters with the police officers and the subsequent "search" by the drug dogs.
The video raises several interesting constitutional and civility issues from the viewpoint of attorneys, police officers and citizens. 
I encourage you to watch the video and discuss with your family and friends.

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