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Monday, February 18, 2013

Missed a Formal Arraignment?

A Formal Arraignment is where you are formally presented with your charges in Pennsylvania. The Formal Arriagnement date is given at or immediately after the conclusion of your preliminary hearing.
At the Formal Arraignement, you will receive a document called a Criminal Information which lists all of your charges and the elements of the same. Moreover, this is stage is where you are first given the opportunity to file for the discovery in your case.
It is very important that you attend your formal arraignment becuase you will be given a subpoena for your pre-trial conference where you will select your trial date. If you do not attend the formal arraignement, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. Once a warrant is issued, authorities are authorized to arrest you on site: whether at your home, place of employment or out with family.
Once you receive a subpoena for your formal arraignement, contact your attorney immediately to verify the time, date and location of the arraignment and to discuss any questions you may have concerning your case. If you have missed your arraignement, contact an attorney immediately to address the pending bench warrant.

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