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Saturday, November 5, 2011

What Information do you need for a Free Consultation?

My office receives numerous calls per day seeking a Free Consultation for their criminal case, personal injury case or Medical Malpractice case.  Most are speaking with an Attorney for the very first time and really don’t know how the process works, what questions to ask or what information the Attorney needs to make an informed decision of whether to accept your case.

When I speak with clients for the first time, I attempt to diagnose the potential problem in an effort to determine the issues.  Here are some of the many questions I will ask when callers contact my office for representation:

When did the incident occur?

What are the names of the individuals involved in the incident?

What paperwork do you have from the incident?

Have you been contacted by anyone concerning this incident?

Have you signed anything pertaining to this incident?

Did you speak with anyone regarding the incident?

Do you have a Claim/OTN/CC/CR/Reference number?

The answers to these questions usually lead to additional questions and information, but I have found that clients who are initially prepared to answer these questions before picking up the phone get more from their consultation since the time is spent answering questions and explaining as opposed to searching for paperwork and information.  

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